Chapli Kabab Burger/ Bun Kabab

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Maina's Cookbook:Easiest Quick Meals:Chapli Kabab Burger/Bun Kabab
Cooking Time: 10 minz (Approx)
Recipe Difficulty: Veary Easy
Cooked by: Me
                    Kabab Burger/ Bun Kabab

Buns .... 2
K&N's Chapli Kabab .... 2
Iceberg  lettuce .... As Required
Mayonnaise .... 2 tbsp
Ketchup .... 2tsp
oil .... For Shallow frying 

  • Heat cooking oil in a frying pan and shallow fry  kababs till golden on both sides. 
  • Heat buns and spread Mayonnaise. 
  • Put chapli kabab on the bun.
  • Put iceberg leaves on top.
  • Add ketchup.
  • Serve hot with French Fries.


  1. Thats a super quick idea for burger .... looks fab !!


  2. Looks colorful n yum ...glad to find your blog n to follow ...

  3. Thanks Satrupa & Divya for liking my recipe & following me :)

  4. saw chapal kabab in bun kabab for the first time :). I have always made bun kabab with shami kabab's, would try it with chapal kabab this time. wish K & N was in canada too, but I guess I would have to make the kabab's from scratch
    Fantastic blog btw! your fruity choc pudding was also amazing.


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